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Shenzhen Baofengda Plastic Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Phone: 0755-29748089/29748086

Fax: 0755-29748082
Contact: Mr:13528443008
Address: Shenzhen baoan district xixiang iron hillock village

Treasure field 258 house along the way

Zip code:518102


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        Shenzhen treasure peak of plastic package products Co., LTD. Is the first production of the pearl river delta region of plastic extrusion mesh bag manufacturers, is also the first introduced professional production nets pouch assembly line of enterprise. Since the company started up in the unceasing development, design, all kinds of nets products, mechanization and continuously improve the and renewal, through all the employees of my company efforts, is successfully designed ...【View Details
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The market calls: (operator ) fax number: 0755-29748082 company address:

Shenzhen baoan district xixiang iron hillock treasure field 258 house along the way

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Shenzhen treasure peak of plastic packaging products Co., LTD

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